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Parador Solid Wood

The floors of the parador solid  collection are dedicated to the idea of avantgarde. Design trends from all over the have been picked and translated into visually fascinating, stylistically unconventional flooring products.

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  • Wideplank format
  • Automatic-Click glueless click system
  • A choice of Oiled or Lacquered finish
  • 25 year guarantee

Parador Flooring is a respected name in the floor covering industry. Their range of Solid wood floors offers a wide variety of styles and finishes whilst using quality natural materials.

Whether you favour a rustic or modern looking floor, the Parador solid wood flooring range includes an appropriate floor choice. The parador classic collection is a selection of timeless floors which serve as a great backdrop for any decor from classic to modern. The Parador Trendtime collection is about choice. Trendtime Solid wood flooring is milled from quality raw materials and finished in a number of plank formats and looks. Currently there is a fashion for brushed, textured and sawn finishes which produce a natural, vintage look. Other floors are made from older wood, which highlight the beauty of a natural solid wood floor.

Parador solid wood flooring is created from a number of wood species including oak (stained to a variety of colours), beech, cherry and maple. The surface is treated with either a protective lacquer or oil coating.

The wood used for creating Parador floors is graded in several categories:

  • Select – Extremely refined floors with few knots. Offers a clean, modern appearance.
  • Natur – A mixture of clean graded flooring with a few more knots and colour variation.
  • Classic – A more lively appearance offering a natural look.
  • Living – The most rustic grade with plenty of character
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