Solid Wood Flooring

SOLID Wood flooring roomset

Solid wood floors are a warm, durable and attractive floor covering option. Solid floors are usually full of character. Each solid wood floor is unique as no two floors will have an identical grain pattern. In recent years there have been developments in man-made alternatives, however it is unlikely they will be able to truly replicate fully the variety and character of a hardwood floor.

Solid wood flooring is a durable choice, and with care will last for many years. Unlike some floorcovering options, solid wood floors can be sanded back and refinished with a fresh coat of lacquer or oil. Solid flooring can last for decades if treated correctly.

Popular woods used in creating hardwood flooring are oak, ash, cherry, beech, maple and walnut. Woods are often graded according to the number of knots and fills in the plank. The more knots in the plank, the more rustic the flooring grade.

Most floors are installed by either glueing the planks to a concrete floor (which has been treated with a damp proof membrane) or secret nailed to a wooden subfloor. An alternative method is to use a self adhesive underlay.

Many solid floor are supplied pre-finished with a lacquer or oil surface coating. Lacquered floors tend to be slightly shinier, with a harder surface than oiled floors. In general, lacquered floors require less maintenance, but are more difficult to repair, whereas oiled floors are easier to repair but often require periodic maintenance. The exception is UV cured oiled wood floors which require no more maintenance than the lacquered equivalent.

We offer a variety of solid floors from trusted manufacturers, V4 Solid Wood Flooring, Parador Solid Wood Flooring and Naturally Oak Solid Wood Flooring

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