Laminate floor damaged by water - don't panic it can be repaired

With a huge amount of rain recently, you may have unfortunately had water enter your home in one way or another - possibly damaging your laminate flooring. Laminate flooring is usually very durable and versatile, however water can wreak havoc with the flooring - leading to it becoming discoloured or warped. With a little work [...]

Give your wooden floor a shine to wow the guests

Bring that shine back to your wooden floor to wow the family and guests over the festive period. With this small guide you will be able to give your floor a shine that will have the people who visit your home over the festive season, scratching their heads over whether you actually purchased a new [...]

Wood flooring 'Oscars' up for grabs

The wood flooring equivalent of the Oscars is now up for grabs for those worthy of the award. Announced annually at the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA), the wood floor of the year award is now open for people to submit their entries too. The contestants will fight it out for awards including best residential, [...]

Protect your wooden flooring with a doormat

The simple household doormat, despite not usually sitting at number one on the list of must haves when people are thinking of installing wooden flooring, it is actually an important object to consider. That is because it can in fact be your shiny new floor's proverbial knight in shining armour - protecting it from attack [...]

Mohawk set to buy tile manufacturer Marazzi Group for $1.5bn

Flooring company Mohawk has agreed to purchase an Italian tile making group for a reported $1.5 billion (£922.9 million) The Georgia based firm moved to buy Marazzi Group to further boost its industry position in the US, Russia and Europe with the move is set to be completed in the first quarter of 2013. Founded [...]

What type of floor is best for a pet owner to install

Thinking of buying a new floor but slightly worried that your pet could leave you with a bit of a headache once it is installed? Whilst a dog may be considered as mans best friend, they can sometimes be a floors worst enemy, with their claws scratching the surface, hair clogging the carpet and drippy [...]

Keeping your bamboo flooring at its best

Bamboo flooring is a popular choice for those looking for a new floor as not only does it look great, but it is also often classed as a 'green' floor - making it a good choice for those conscious of environmental issues. However, just like any other type of wooden flooring, it needs to be [...]

Choosing the right kind of floor for your dining room

When deciding to purchase a new floor for a room you need to consider just how regularly it will be used, how it will fit in with the decor of the room as a whole, and practicalities such as how easy the floor is to clean. When it comes to a dining room floor, this [...]

Get your oak floor clean and ready for the Christmas rush

Oak flooring can certainly add a lot of character to your home and as long as you keep it regularly cleaned, then it can really be a focal point for guests and family over the festive period. Cleaning oak floors doesn't have to be a challenge either - as long as you keep on top [...]

Protect your wooden floor with a rug

If you have a wooden floor in a room that either regularly sees a lot of people coming in and out throughout the day, or you expect a surge in activity with Christmas just around the corner: a new rug could prove to be the perfect solution to protect it from the daily grind. A [...]

Easy mistakes to make when putting down new solid wood flooring

Solid wood flooring is a natural and attractive type of flooring, suitable for any home. However, people make many mistakes when installing this type flooring. Here is a list of things to avoid when choosing to install wooden flooring. Unless told otherwise by the manufacturer, never install solid wood flooring over under floor heating, by [...]

Vinyl flooring can brighten up the home this Christmas

With the festive season fast approaching and an influx of guests soon to arrive at your household, you may feel that your current flooring looks a little worse for wear. This is where vinyl flooring can really help - it is relatively easy to install so you do not need to worry about the length [...]

How to measure a room when preparing to install wood flooring

So you have finally took the plunge and decided to invest in some shiny new wood flooring, but before you rush to the shop to make your purchase, you need to make sure you have measured your room up accurately. For this you will need three simple objects, first of all you need a tape [...]

How to install wooden flooring

Installing wooden flooring can be a big job, but it is one that is perfectly possible with a little time and effort. Firstly, you need to consider the sub-flooring you will be laying your floor over. Dependent on whether it is concrete or cement, wooden, or contains floor joists or battens - the method of [...]

Choosing the right type of flooring for your home

Choosing a new type of flooring is a big decision for anyone. Not only is the flooring likely to cost you a fair amount of money, but it will be something that you will see on a daily basis for many years. Therefore, when looking at the right flooring for you, you need to consider [...]

The best methods of cleaning laminate flooring

The house can get very busy over the Christmas period, with family members and guests coming and going throughout the holidays. Whilst these visits are welcomed it can lead to an alarming increase in the amount of mud, dirt and mess getting dragged through the house, and you will want the floors to look great [...]

Don't discount wood varieties when choosing a new floor

When choosing a wood floor you may simply think that your choice should simply revolve around what you feel most suits your room and matches your own taste. Whilst this should of course be part of your considerations, you also need to consider the variety of wood as well, as the wood species can react [...]

Wood flooring can help cut down energy bills this winter

No-one likes high energy bills, especially coming up to the festive season - but did you know that wooden flooring can actually help cut down on your heating costs this winter. There are a number of reasons for this. As some varieties of wood flooring can be laid over the existing flooring, it provides double [...]

Tips for laying vinyl flooring

Vinyl floor is a great choice for the kitchen or bathroom due to its general easiness to clean, so if you are considering a change of flooring in one of these rooms it really is a sensible option. If you decide to lay the floor yourself you should be able to complete the job in [...]

'Green' ways of cleaning your flooring

A lot of cleaning products for floors will inevitably contain chemicals and materials which can potentially be a risk to your health However, there are many methods of 'green' floor cleaning that can be used as a suitable alternative. for wood floors the best solution is damp mopping. Simply wet the mop and wring out [...]

Preventing slippery floors

Slippery floors in these wet winter months can be a nightmare. And whilst the laminate flooring you chose with the purpose of catching the eye might look great, it can dangerous too when people walk in with wet shoes and make the surface wet. It is best to take action to stop household tumbles and [...]

Cleaning stains from wooden flooring

As people typically install wood flooring to act as a way of grabbing their guests attention, there can be no bigger nightmare than to suddenly find a stain on the wood. Immediately alarm bells start to ring, but the unsightly mess might not be the end of the world. Of course, prevention is always the [...]

Why installing a wooden floor in winter can be a good idea

Whilst installing new wood flooring during the winter months might be the last thing you'd think of as a priority in the chilly weather, the cold days and nights the season inevitably brings can actually be a perfect time to do it. This might have people scratching their heads at first, but there are some [...]

Overcome 'empty nest syndrome' with a little flooring renovation

While 'empty nest syndrome' might leave some parents at a lose when greeted with their new unusually quiet environment, research has suggested that many of them actually use this freshly found freedom to renovate their home. The survey from the AA suggested almost 85 per cent of parents went about re-modelling their kids bedrooms once [...]

Top flooring ideas this winter

If the change in weather has left you feeling gloomy then perhaps a change of scenery, or rather the flooring in your house, could help brighten up those dull winter days. From wood flooring to vinyl flooring there are a variety of floor types available and each offers different finishes and benefits; a new floor [...]

Top tips for cleaning vinyl flooring

Due to its very nature vinyl flooring is tough, long-lasting and waterproof; this makes cleaning and maintaining it a relatively simple task. It might seem very obvious, but one of the best tips for maintaining your vinyl flooring is to keep it clean. Don't let dirt get a chance to be ground in. Make sure [...]

Essential tools for laminate flooring jobs

If you have decided to try your hand at installing laminate flooring, then you will need the right tools for the job. In most cases however, you may find that you already have many of the tools you require and only a few extra pieces are needed to cover all your bases. A spirit level [...]

Keeping on top of your wood flooring

With wood flooring becoming an increasingly popular option for the home, people may worry that cleaning and maintaining wood floors is hard work. In fact this is far from the case and cleaning wood floors is actually a breeze; and, despite concerns that the wood may soon get dirty or damaged, maintaining wood floors is [...]

Wood flooring offers timeless designs

The continued beauty of wood flooring is that it will never go out of style. Whether its solid wood flooring or something a little different such as a vinyl wood-look plank - there is a type of wood out there to suit all decors. This timeless view of wood-based flooring has been complemented by a [...]

Flooring supplier Mohawk set to acquire Pergo in £94m deal

One of the leading suppliers of residential and commercial flooring has agreed to purchase the laminate flooring manufacturer Pergo in a deal worth a staggering £94 million. Mohawk Industries expects the agreement to be closed out by the end of 2013's first quarter. Responsible for inventing laminate flooring in the seventies, Pergo manufactures...

Cleaning European beech flooring in four steps

Cultivated from a stunning tree variety, one which can grow to reach incredible heights - of up to 160 feet - European beech is a fine a flooring option for those looking to bring a sense of class to their home. This particular type of beech is very easy to work with and possesses a [...]

Returning the shine to laminate flooring with baby shampoo

Laminate flooring, when first purchased and installed, can bring a huge amount to the home. Depending on the style it can introduce a sense of class, aid the creation of a warm and welcoming atmosphere or bring a dramatic element to any space. However, as time goes by, and the floor begins to suffer from [...]

Cork flooring layers - what are they?

Widely considered to be one of the most unique floor coverings available on the market today, cork flooring is adored by many home owners. Although its popularity has increased considerably over the last couple of years, many are unaware of the process it goes through to become a floor covering. Cork flooring typically features five [...]

Four flooring adhesives you might find at a DIY store

Regardless of the type of floor covering you install you'll require a good adhesive. This adhesive will enable your new floor to remain permanently glued down. Pay a visit to your local DIY store and you'll find a huge range of flooring adhesives available for you to buy. However, before making any purchase you should [...]

Safety first when using ammonia to clean vinyl flooring

Over time vinyl flooring can become awfully grubby, especially if fitted in kitchens or bathrooms. Many homeowners will make the mistake of going for the most abrasive cleaning product they can get their hands on when they spot a build-up of grime on their flooring. However, these products don't always necessarily provide the best end [...]

Cleaning up oil spills on your vinyl flooring

Commonly seen in kitchens across the United Kingdom, vinyl flooring can become stained very easily. Used for a considerable amount of time every day, spillages regularly occur in the kitchen. However, many people opt to ignore them, as opposed to cleaning them up straight away. This can lead to a build up over time, which [...]

Get the right wood flooring for your home

A key element of the home's decor, getting the right wood flooring is important if you're to achieve a stunning look. Wood flooring is also quite expensive too; so ending up with a floor that you don't like isn't something you want. In order avoid such a mishap you should ensure that you carry out [...]

Concrete flooring - a viable option for the home?

Cold, hard and extremely post-modern in its appearance, concrete flooring is set to become very popular amongst homeowners during 2012's final months. Though for many years considered an ugly option, fit for only garages and cellars, the improvements made to the appearance of concrete flooring has made it a viable option for homes. Professionals...

How to fit cork flooring underlay in five easy steps

Sustainably sourced and very popular amongst homeowners in the UK, cork offers a wonderful finish like no other. It's soft and warm underfoot and hypoallergenic, making it a great option for those families with small children. Cork is relatively easy to install too. This process can be made even easier with the installation of a [...]

Three tools you might need to install a wooden floor

When they buy a new wooden floor many UK homeowners will opt to have a professional come in and install it for them; others choose to take a money-saving approach and will install it themselves. Those planning to install a wooden floor in their own home need to ensure that they are well prepared before [...]

Wood flooring glue removal tips for DIY amateurs

When carrying out any DIY task, many amateur DIYers will take a rather haphazard approach; this can result in some rather patchy results, especially with wood flooring installation. However, if you've previously made sloppy errors when carrying out DIY jobs around the home, such as wood flooring installation, don't be too hard on yourself. It [...]

Help your parquet flooring retain its stunning appearance

Offering a unique finish, parquet flooring is definitely a great option for those looking to give their living room a stunning look. Made up of pieces of wood put together to form a pattern - almost like a mosaic - parquet flooring, like most types of flooring, needs to be cleaned on a regular basis [...]

Get a great vinyl flooring finish

Durable and very easy to clean, vinyl flooring is favoured by many homeowners - especially in bathroom and kitchens. It's also extremely simple to install - regardless of whether you're an installation expert or a complete amateur. In order to get a great vinyl flooring finish though it is vitally important that the floor is [...]

NWFA adds speakers to Wood Flooring Expo 2013 line-up

Although an event that isn't scheduled to take place until next April (2013), excitement is growing for the National Wood Flooring Association's (NWFA) Wood Flooring Expo. The organisers of the event - which is set to take place in Dallas, Texas from April 2 to 5 - have added a number of speakers to the [...]

FeRFA sets date for AGM and resin flooring exhibition

FeRFA, the resin flooring association has revealed that its annual AGM (annual general meeting), exhibition and seminar will take place next month (November 9). The event, which will be held at The Belfry Hotel, Wishaw is considered to be the association's most important date of the year. It will feature an exhibition dedicated solely to [...]

Salt and sand - enemies of a wooden floor

A new wooden floor can have a significantly positive impact on the way a room looks. However, in order to ensure that it remains looking fantastic over a lengthy period of time, it is important to keep wood flooring free of damage. Two of the biggest sources of damage to wood flooring are salt and [...]

Approach black laminate flooring with a little caution

There are a number of things that homeowners can do to create a dramatic atmosphere within their homes; one is to install black laminate flooring. Although it's not something you're likely to find down at your local DIY store, black laminate is fabulous and incredibly classy. Its unique appearance does, however, come with some downsides. [...]

Domotex 2013 to have "Flooring Deluxe" theme

Regarded by many within the flooring industry as one of its flagship events, the organisers of Domotex have revealed that the 2013 edition will feature a Flooring Deluxe theme. Scheduled to take place in Hannover, Germany between January 12 and 15, the event is expected to attract around 1,400 firms from the flooring sector to [...]

Make sure your flooring doesn't get damaged on the day of a big move

Thousands of people make the move to a new home every year. Some of them find that their wood flooring is too good to leave behind and therefore decide to take it with them. Considered an investment that can add value to the home, people worry, and understandably so, about the prospect of heavy-handed removal [...]

Quick-Step to welcome apprentices to flooring Academy with new scheme

Laminate flooring manufacturer Quick-Step has revealed that it will welcome 16 apprentices to its Academy for Excellence in Flooring in October, as part of a new scheme. The scheme, which is being supported by the National Apprenticeship Service, will provide young learners - aged between 16 and 18 - with the knowledge and skills needed [...]

Bamboo flooring - an eco-friendly floor covering?

Although not traditionally a favourite amongst homeowners the United Kingdom, the popularity of bamboo flooring is steadily growing. Whilst undoubtedly a high-quality product, many people also consider bamboo to be a more environmentally friendly option too; but how environmentally friendly is it? Well the answer in short is very. Unlike many tr...

Make the most of your wood flooring

Regardless of decor style, wood flooring can bring a significant amount of warm character to a room - enhancing the overall appearance by a significant amount. However, in order for it to be able to do this, it needs to be kept in good condition. Cleaning on a regular basis can help ensure that it [...]

Wood flooring exempt from new Californian lumber tax

The governor of California, Jerry Brown, has signed a bill created to give the timber industry in the state a boost. From January consumers purchasing lumber products in the state will pay a one per cent tax. However, consumers have also been informed that home flooring products - such as wood flooring - will be [...]

Recofloor planning more "Bacon Butty" vinyl flooring recycling events

Having achieved success earlier this June (2012), Recofloor has revealed that it's taking its "Bacon Butty" events back on the road. The events - held at distributor's locations all over the country - allow people to learn more about Recofloor's vinyl flooring recycling scheme; in exchange for their time, they'll receive a free bacon sandwich, [...

FeRFA awards ceremony to recognise resin flooring achievements

FeRFA  - the resin flooring association - has announced the categories for its annual awards. Set to be held at the Belfry Hotel on November 9 (2012), the awards ceremony will recognise the achievements of FeRFA members in six different categories, including: contractor of the year, trainer of the year and project of the year. [...]

Help your vinyl flooring retain its sparkle

Incredibly durable and very resilient, many people simply expect their vinyl flooring to remain looking fantastic without actually making any attempt to clean it on a regular basis. However, grime can build up at quite a quick pace on vinyl flooring; therefore it is vital to keep it spotless if it's to remain looking like [...]

Stay safe when installing laminate flooring

When installing laminate flooring it is absolutely vital to ensure that the working environment is as safe as it can be. If the appropriate steps aren't taken to ensure that the working environment is safe as it can be, potentially fatal accidents could occur. So, with this in mind, we've produced a list of things [...]

Two things to avoid with solid wood flooring

A somewhat expensive investment that can bring a huge amount of natural beauty to the home environment, solid wood flooring can last over a good number of years providing it's given the correct amount of care. However, there are a number of things that many people will do which will ruin a fantastic floor. Here [...]

Laminate - flooring fit for the family unit

Many parents of young children often struggle to choose a floor covering for the home. This is because they have to ensure that their final choice is durable enough to withstand the bumps and scrapes the kids are going to subject it to. Most importantly they also need to ensure that their floor covering of [...]

Plans already underway for The Flooring Show 2013

One of the organisers of a show renowned for being the UK's only dedicated flooring event has revealed that planning has already begun for next year's edition (2013). The Flooring Show 2012 was held between September 2 and 4 at the Harrogate International Centre. Having attracted over 3,000 visitors, Paul Stott, marketing director of Media [...]

The Flooring Show judged to be a success

Regarded by many within the flooring industry as the UK's best flooring exhibition, this year's edition (2012) of the Flooring Show - its 50th in total - attracted just over 3,000 visitors. Held at the Harrogate International Centre, a venue that has become synonymous with the show, it also saw 127 companies display a range [...]

Vinyl flooring - advantages and benefits

Although it's traditionally been a very common sight in the homes of many across the United Kingdom, vinyl flooring hasn't always enjoyed the favour it does today - partly due to low quality finishes it provided. However, in the modern era technology has improved significantly; the vinyl flooring now produced by flooring manufacturers looks abso...

Wood flooring - the perfect option for the conservatory

A popular area of the home that people use to relax in, a conservatory can be enhanced with the right choice of flooring. Many choose carpets for their conservatories; however, with the huge amount of light access that the room has, carpets can be susceptible to becoming faded over time. Carpets are also well-known for [...]

Dubai WoodShow confirmed for 2013

An event featured in the diary of many flooring enthusiasts, the 2013 edition of the WoodShow, held in Dubai, has been confirmed. Set to be the event's eighth edition, it will be held at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Center next April (9-13). As has become the standard, the 2013 WoodShow will be sponsored [...]

Myanmar officials look to impose ban on all wood exports

In a bid to combat falling forest coverage, Myanmar's Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation Committee has announced that it wants a nationwide ban implemented on the exporting of wood to all foreign countries. Chinese news agency, Xinhua, has reported that Myanmar's total forest coverage levels have fallen to just 24 per cent - the le...

RSCPA called to free fox trapped in flooring

Builders carrying out refurbishment work at the University of Hertfordshire were forced to call the RSPCA after they were greeted by a fox which had got itself trapped in the floor. It is thought that the male fox had made its way into an office area at the University - undergoing refurbishment - crawled under [...]

CRUK encourages flooring retailers to get involved in scheme

Carpet Recycling UK (CRUK) has claimed that flooring retailers could save themselves a significant amount of money by diverting unwanted and waste carpet to a recycling scheme. Whilst there are currently 35 outlets taking part in CRUK's scheme across the UK, the carpet recycling association is looking to get more retailers involved and will be [...

Recofloor adds more vinyl flooring recycling drop-off points

Recofloor has announced that it has introduced an additional 10 new drop-off points to its vinyl flooring recycling network. With the addition of the 10 new points Recofloor now has a total of 70 in various locations across the UK. The scheme, which was founded in 2009 by Altro and Polyflor, has won many plaudits [...]

Doors open for The Flooring Show 2012

One of the most anticipated flooring exhibitions in the UK, The Flooring Show opened yesterday (September 2) in Harrogate. This year's edition has drawn some of the biggest names in the flooring industry through its doors; the event itself is expected to celebrate half a century of flooring events in the North Yorkshire town. Wendy [...]

Three top tips for finding discontinued vinyl flooring

Replacing a damaged section of vinyl flooring can be incredibly stressful for any homeowner. The process involves buying a sheet of vinyl flooring or some replacement tiles, ripping up the damaged section of flooring and installing a new section. All this is very time-consuming and can be made quite stressful if you find that the [...]

Uncommon wood flooring varieties

In a conversation about wood flooring, usually the first varieties that come to mind are oak, walnut or beech; mention bloodwood and purpleheart and you'll most likely leave people feeling incredibly perplexed. This is because these particular wood flooring varieties are extremely uncommon; you simply don't find them installed in the average UK ...

Cleaning discoloured poplar wood flooring

A very soft type of wood, poplar is often used as a floor covering. If provided with the right amount of care, poplar wood flooring will last a significant amount of time. Items such as rugs can be used to reduce the amount of wear and tear that the floor is subjected to. However, if [...]

How should I go about grouting marble flooring?

An incredibly sophisticated floor covering, marble tiles are absolutely wonderful. Many are put off this form of marble flooring simply because of the effort required when installing it Grouting, for example, is just one of the installation processes that must be carried out; this isn't difficult and can be done without too much trouble at [...]

Removing hairspray build-up from marble flooring

Many people across the United Kingdom use hairspray on a daily basis. As they apply it some inevitably will end up on the floor - it's something that just can't be avoided. As the amount of hairspray builds up on the floor, you'll find that its appearance becomes much duller. On some types of flooring [...]

Sales of US hardwood flooring in Egypt fall

The American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) has revealed that sales of US hardwood flooring in Egypt during last year (2011) were down by around 45 per cent. Exports to the Middle East and North Africa also fell by 6 per cent - down to $52.44 million. In a report submitted to the US Department of [...]

The best sunlight absorbant hardwood flooring options

Hardwood flooring is something that a high proportion of homeowners would love to add to their own home. However, due to the often high cost of a hardwood floor, many instead opt for cheaper laminate floors - which mimic the appearance of those more expensive woods. Those that do go for the more expensive option [...]

Tigerwood flooring - what is it?

Renowned for its striking colour contrasts and a pattern that makes it similar in appearance to the animal alluded to in its name, tigerwood flooring is typically imported from South America. The tree from which tigerwood is cultivated from - the goncalo alves tree - can be found in Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil and Uruguay. As [...]

Waxy build up on laminate flooring - remove immediately

Laminate flooring is a popular choice amongst many homeowners up and down the United Kingdom. One of the main factors behind its popularity is that it can be manufactured to mimic the nuances of many more expensive floor coverings. It is, however, susceptible to developing a waxy build-up over time - especially if not cleaned [...]

Ash flooring or oak flooring?

A good hardwood floor can bring a great amount of warmth to a room of any size. Complementing many decors, ash and oak flooring are just two of the types of hardwood floors that are popular with homeowners in the UK. Both, however, have their own unique characteristics. Oak flooring is seen as a traditional [...]

Three ways to protect vinyl flooring

Constructed from polyvinyl chloride and a plasticiser agent, vinyl flooring is incredibly durable and a great option for those parts of the home that experience high traffic levels - such as in kitchens. Despite its durable properties vinyl flooring is, like many floor coverings, susceptible to damage; therefore it is important that the adequate...

White oak flooring - how do I clean it?

White oak flooring can bring a huge amount of class to the home - just one of the factors that makes it so popular with people all over the world. If it isn't looked after in the correct manner, the finish offered by white oak flooring can become far from desirable. So with this in [...]

Red oak and white oak flooring - what can they bring to the home?

A flooring material that has become synonymous with a high standard, oak, when installed in the home, can add a significant amount of value. There are a number of species of oak grown across the world; however, many homeowners are only aware of just two - white oak and red oak. But what can these [...]

Removing scratches from hickory flooring

One of the densest types of wood out there, it is very easy to see why hickory is commonly used as a floor covering. Due to its density and its sturdiness hickory flooring can withstand higher traffic levels - making it a perfect choice for many homeowners in the United Kingdom. As with all floor [...]

Cleaning grimy hickory wood flooring

Offering a great amount of durability - as well as practicality - hickory wood flooring is simply fantastic for the home environment. Although hickory flooring looks great, if it isn't cleaned a regular basis it can become incredibly grimy. Luckily returning a touch of sparkle to a hickory floor is relatively simple; just follow this [...]

Cleaning Brazilian walnut flooring

A type of flooring synonymous with luxury, Brazilian walnut possesses a number of beneficial properties. In particular it has a resistance against fungi and insects - preventing environmental damage from occurring at its source. To keep it looking fantastic, it is important that Brazilian walnut flooring is cleaned on a regular basis. Here's a s...

What to expect from cypress wood flooring

An extremely common sight on the coast, cypress trees come in many different varieties. This level of variance in reflected in the amount of types of cypress wood used to make wood flooring. So with this in mind we've produced a simple guide detailing one of the most common varieties of cypress wood flooring available [...]

Correct care for cherry wood flooring

Although a wood that possesses a huge amount of natural beauty, American cherry wood flooring is generally deemed to be too soft to be used in floor coverings. Therefore most floors made of cherry wood are made of either the Brazilian or Bolivian variety. Despite being stronger than their American counterpart, Brazilian and Bolivian cherry [...]

Common problems experienced with Brazilian teak wood flooring

Sometimes known as Cumaru, Brazilian teak wood flooring is absolutely wonderful. It possesses most of the properties you'd want from a floor covering too; it's strong and boasts a huge amount of natural beauty. However, it is also very dense - a factor that makes it very difficult to work with. With this in mind, [...]

The Flooring Show will go ahead, organiser confirms

The organiser of one of the UK flooring industry's most popular annual events has confirmed that this year's (2012) edition will go ahead. The Flooring Show will once again bring together some of the biggest names in the retail and commercial flooring industries. It has also been revealed that around 100 leading firms have already [...]

More laminate flooring trends for 2012

Whether wallpaper, furniture styles or flooring finishes - trends change on a regular basis. They change so often that it can be difficult to keep up with what's in and what's out. Luckily the North American Laminate Flooring Association (NALFA) has produced a guide documenting a number of laminate flooring trends set to gain in [...]

NWFA seeks exhibitors for its Wood Flooring Pavilion at DOMOTEX 2013

The National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) has announced that it is looking for exhibitors to partner it at its Wood Flooring Pavilion - which is to be hosted at the annual DOMOTEX trade show. One of the flooring industry's biggest annual trade shows, next year's edition of DOMOTEX will be held in Hannover, Germany from January [...]

Popular laminate flooring trends for 2012

A floor covering that is incredibly popular with homeowners across the United Kingdom, laminate flooring is available in a number of different styles. However, not all of these styles are favoured at all times. As with clothing, laminate flooring trends change on a regular basis - something emphasised by president of the North American Laminate ...

Number of flooring outlets involved in CRUK scheme growing

In excess of 35 flooring outlets based in the United Kingdom are now accepting waste carpet as part of the scheme run by Carpet Recycling UK (CRUK). This figure was revealed as CRUK provided visitors at the Harrogate Flooring Show with more information on the benefits provided by recycling carpet, as well as more information [...]

Make a choice - solid wood or laminate flooring?

Choosing between solid wood flooring and laminate flooring can be incredibly tough - they are both fantastic floor coverings that can bring a number of benefits to the home. Here are just a few factors you should take into consideration if you're have real difficulty making a choice: Factor 1 - Where do you plan [...]

Cleaning cork flooring in three simple steps

Boasting a massive amount of beauty, it isn't difficult to see why cork flooring has become so popular amongst homeowners in the United Kingdom. Although many would be led to believe that, because of its soft properties, cork isn't particularly durable, it is - making it a great option for those who own pets. As [...]

Buying hardwood flooring? Take these factors into consideration

Even the dullest property can be provided with a boost from the installation of a new hardwood floor; the boost it can provide can be financial, as well as aesthetic. With many varieties available from wood flooring suppliers across the United Kingdom, choosing just one can prove to be incredibly difficult. Here are a few [...]

Vinyl flooring planks - a great alternative to laminate flooring

Although incredibly durable, vinyl flooring has not always been as popular as laminate or solid wood flooring - with many viewing it as an inferior option. However, regular advances in technology have led to a considerable improvement in the quality of vinyl flooring finishes. Now it can be quite difficult to really tell which floor [...]

TTA release "Tiling with Resin Agglomerated Tiles" technical document

One of the most eagerly anticipated technical documents within the flooring industry has finally been published. The "Tiling with Resin Agglomerated Tiles" document has been produced by The Tile Association with the ultimate aim of  providing people with useful advice on how to use resin agglomerated tiles. It has been prepared and created by Th...

The best types of flooring for a baby's nursery

For many parents - or those eagerly expecting - the type of flooring they install in a nursery is of considerable importance. Traditionally parents always sought a floor that was soft on their baby's skin, but durable enough to withstand potential wear and tear. However, in the modern world parents also want to ensure that [...]

UK's first underlay recycling scheme launched by Carpenter

Manufacturer of underlay Carpenter has followed in the footsteps of Recofloor by launching a recycling scheme. Whereas Recofloor's scheme focuses on diverting waste vinyl flooring away from landfill sites, Carpenter's scheme will aim to recycle to the underlay installed underneath various types of flooring. The scheme will provide wholesale recy...

A stunning Pergo floor - perfect for the home

In conversations about laminate flooring there is one brand whose name is likely to pop up on numerous occasions - Pergo. An extremely reliable manufacturer, the flooring produced by Pergo first started to become popular towards the end of the 1980s. The laminate flooring Pergo produces is associated with quality. Its floors are relatively cheap...

Looking for a classy floor? Try piano finish laminate flooring

Homeowners everywhere harbour the desire to make their homes the best they can be - often redecorating regularly to ensure that this is the case. One way in which homeowners can improve their home is by installing a new floor. An incredibly classy option that simply oozes character, piano finish laminate flooring is a great [...]

Water damaged laminate flooring - how do I repair it?

Installed in many homes across the United Kingdom, laminate flooring is an incredibly durable option. However, despite this it is susceptible to significant damage if it comes into contact with water. Water can cause laminate flooring to become discoloured and warped - which you certainly don't want. If your floor has come into contact with [...]

Quick-Step flooring academy award TrustMark seal of approval

The recently opened Quick-Step Academy for Excellence in Flooring has been awarded with TrustMark approval, according to an article published by Floor Data. An endorsement backed by the government,  the TrustMark approval is a sign of quality aimed at tradesmen. Located at Trafford Park, Manchester, the academy is the largest of its kind in the ...

Installing new flooring in the bedroom? Choose laminate flooring

In a bid to freshen up the home without going as far as redecorating an entire room, many will instead install a new floor covering. Although many will be reluctant to replace their existing carpet with, for example, laminate flooring, they should consider the stylistic edge that a laminate floor could bring to their home. [...]

Keep your oak flooring looking fantastic

A floor covering that exudes a significant amount of character, it is vital that oak flooring is cleaned on a regular basis to ensure that it remains looking brilliant. However, cleaning on its own is not enough; there are a number of additional steps that need to be taken to keep oak looking great. Maintaining this [...]

Wood flooring banned in many city flats in Scotland under ruling

Landlords in Dundee and Edinburgh have been told they will have to install carpets in their flats and apartments after hardwood flooring was deemed to be too noisy, according to an article published by the Daily Record. Although local community groups have stated that the order will benefit the lives of many residents blighted by [...]

Holzforschung Austria's commitment to wood flooring research recognised with award

Holzforschung Austria (HFA), a firm that specialises in testing products, have been awarded with the inaugural European Federation of the Parquet Industry (FEP) Award, according to an article published by Timber Trade Journal Online. FEP President, Lars Gunnar Andersen presented the award to HFA's Gerhard Grüll at an award ceremony held in Istan...

Fitting rubber flooring? Mistakes to avoid

A flooring option that offers an incredible amount of durability, rubber flooring has gradually gained favour with homeowners in the past couple of years. Although relatively easy to install - even for an amateur in DIY - there are a number of easily avoidable mistakes that many people make when installing rubber flooring. Here is [...]

Laminate flooring market growth expected to continue

Laminate flooring's high quality finishes, relatively low-cost and good level of durability have made it a popular option for many homeowners across the globe. Now a new report, compiled by Global Industry Analysts Inc, has claimed that 1.92 billion square metres of laminate flooring will have been sold by 2017. Whilst the recession originally l...

Flooring fit for a dining room

People love to redecorate; the installation of new flooring or changing of wallpaper can have a significant effect on the whole home. However, it is important to consider the exact style you're planning to go for before redecorating. In a dining room, for example, you should consider how often the room is going to be [...]

Laminate flooring - advantages and benefits

Originally developed to replicate the appearance of wood flooring at a much lower cost, laminate flooring has become a very popular floor covering over time. There are also a huge number of benefits that this fantastic floor covering can provide throughout the home. The ever-advancing technology used in the creation of laminate flooring ensures ...

Engineered wood flooring - great for hallways

An area that experiences a high amount of foot traffic, there are a number of considerations that need to be taken into account when choosing a floor covering for a hallway. Although many desire a stylish option - one that fits in with their existing decor - durability is probably the most important element to [...]

Engineered hardwood flooring - what is it?

Many homeowners when looking at a variety of floor coverings will be faced with an extremely difficult choice.  They'll ask themselves "why should I choose laminate over vinyl?" or "which will suit the living room best - engineered hardwood or cork?" Engineered hardwood flooring has become a very popular option amongst many; but what is it? [...]

Considerations to make when installing new flooring upstairs

There are a significant amount of important considerations - which will vary depending on a number of factors - that need to be made when installing new flooring upstairs. Before you actually think about buying a floor covering you should consider which types will be the most beneficial. For example, those who have babies or [...]

Most common marble flooring types

With a surface that shimmers in a stunning way under lighting, marble flooring really is a great floor covering for any room in the home. Although a type of flooring desired by many homeowners, not all are aware of the different varieties of marble flooring widely available. Therefore we've produced a simple guide, detailing the [...]

Protecting wood flooring from your dog

Wood flooring is renowned for being very durable, as well as very stylish. Despite possessing this durability, wood flooring is still susceptible to damage,  especially  scratches caused by pets - in particular dogs. However, it is possible to ensure that your dog doesn't end up destroying your beautiful wood flooring; just follow these rules: K...

Recofloor win prestigious award for commitment to recycling of vinyl flooring

Recofloor, the company behind one of the UK's flagship vinyl floor recycling schemes, has been awarded with a Business Commitment to the Environment (BCE) Award, according to an article published by Floordata. A coveted award, it was presented to the company by the chairman of the Olympic Delivery Authority, Sir John Armitt, at the 2012 [...]

Polishing marble flooring tiles

Marble flooring tiles are simply wonderful. Made from calcium carbonate, they, like many other stone flooring tiles, require a very specific amount of care and attention. For example, once every so often marble floor tiles will need to be polished - so that they retain that fantastic glimmer. With this in mind, we've produced a [...]

Vinyl flooring more durable than laminate, Consumer Reports claim

Consumer Reports has claimed that vinyl flooring is more durable than laminate flooring, according to an article published by Available in a whole range of colours and styles, Consumer Reports performed a number of tests to determine the durability of both vinyl and laminate. Bob Markovich, of Consumer Reports, stated: "The most im...

Anticipation for UK Worker of the Year competition grows

A work wear brand popular amongst those in the flooring industry, Dickies has revealed that the entry period for its annual competition to find the UK Worker of the Year has reached its halfway stage, according to an article published by Floordata. The prize for the eventual winner is set to be provided by Spanish [...]

Freshening up cloudy marble flooring

Elegant yet extremely grand in its appearance, it is quite easy to see why marble flooring is as highly desired as it is. However, when cleaning many will expose it to harsh and abrasive cleaning products, causing it to go cloudy. The longer this cloudy residue is allowed to linger on the floor, the harder [...]

Natural stone flooring for a bathrooom

The focal point of many a remodelled bathroom or shower room, natural stone flooring is wonderful. Sleek and sophisticated, there are many types of natural stone to choose from. When considering a natural stone floor for a bathroom there are two things that you'll have to take into consideration - slip resistance and style. Here [...]

The advantages of natural stone flooring

Incredibly resilient and rich in natural beauty, natural stone flooring is a great option for any kitchen or bathroom. The variety of types of stone used - limestone, marble, sandstone, granite to name but a few - ensure that there is a floor covering to suit any decor. Natural stone is also very easy to [...]

Restoring cork flooring in seven steps

Renowned for being flexible and possessing a number of insulating properties, cork flooring is fantastic for any home. However, like most floor coverings, cork needs a certain amount of care and attention in order for it to remain looking great. If you find your cork flooring is looking dull and worn, don't worry; it can [...]

Ridding your wooden floor of irritating squeaks

Although not a particularly serious problem, a squeaking wooden floor can be extremely irritating. The floor will usually squeak because the flooring nails anchoring it down have loosened over time, causing it to move. This problem can be solved with very little trouble at all; just follow this simple guide: Step 1 - With chalk [...]

Removing rubbing alcohol stains from vinyl flooring

Rubbing alcohol is a great substance for removing stains from vinyl flooring. However, if too much is used it can result in the formation of a new stain; these types of stains can be removed though with the use of other chemicals. To remove alcohol rubbing stains from your vinyl flooring,  just follow this simple [...]

Cleaning spots and stains from Pergo laminate flooring

One of the best-known brands of laminate flooring around, Pergo is absolutely brilliant. However, like most laminate floors, it can become dull over a significant period of time. Although you may be tempted to apply a layer of wax or a new finish, you shouldn't. Simply by giving it a thorough clean you should find [...]

Removing vinyl flooring adhesive from wood flooring

Many homeowners, for whatever reason, will decide that wood flooring isn't for them, instead deciding on a different option. For example, vinyl flooring is just one of the many types of flooring that people will opt for - installing it directly on top of a wood floor. There may be occasions on which you want [...]

Poland the top parquet flooring producer in Europe, figures display

Recently released figures have displayed that Poland consolidated its position as the leading manufacturer of parquet flooring in Europe during 2011, according to an article published by the Timber Trade Journal Online. Poland produced around 17.6 per cent of all parquet produced in the European Federation of the Parquet Industry (FEP) area. Ger...

Three cleaning tips for laminate flooring from NALFA

Featuring throughout the homes of millions of people, laminate flooring can be susceptible to a significant amount of wear and tear. Over time, this general wear can affect its appearance - leading it to look lacklustre and dull. In order to prevent laminate flooring from becoming this way, the North American Laminate Flooring Association (NALFA...

Laminate flooring - both cost-effective and environmentally-friendly

Once considered as just a cost-effective option, laminate flooring is now being regarded as a much greener flooring option too, according to an article published by Thanks to the use of unique technology, laminate flooring can be produced to replicate the looks of marble, stone or wood, without actually using the materials to a...

Ridding a vinyl floor of unsightly bubbles

Relatively easy to install and simple to maintain, it's no surprise that vinyl flooring is as popular as it is. It can, however, be susceptible to small air bubbles forming underneath the surface though. Don't be startled if you spot these bubbles in your own flooring - you won't have to rip it up and [...]

Three ways to distress your wood flooring

Although brand new wood flooring looks fantastic, many homeowners desire a floor that has an antique or worn appearance. Achieving such an appearance can be done very easily - providing you own a range of basic tools. Here are just some of the ways in which use these basic tools to achieve a distressed look [...]

Annual flooring exhibition cancelled

Originally scheduled to be held in the Belgian city of Kortrijk at the end of September, the annual flooring exhibition, Future Floors, has been cancelled, according to an article published by Floordata. In an official statement, the organisers stated: "It is just a few months until the start of the fair and the number of [...]

Wood flooring becoming popular in Hawaii

Many homeowners in the American state of Hawaii are deciding to opt for wood flooring, instead of the more traditional carpets which were previously popular on the islands, according to an article published by the Honolulu Star-Advertiser. Whilst wood flooring is extremely popular in the UK, other regions prefer carpets as a floor covering. This...

Saving on flooring installation

In a climate of ongoing austerity any saving is a good saving. Although flooring can be quite costly, it is possible to make significant savings if you make your purchases shrewdly. American consumer advocacy magazine, Consumer Reports has recognised this, and produced a list, featuring five ways you can save when installing a new floor. [...]

Repairing scratches on a bamboo floor

With its ability to project a huge amount of beauty into a room, bamboo flooring is a great floor covering for any home. However, it can quite easily become scratched over time. Luckily though, repairing these scratches is relatively simple; especially if you follow the steps featured in this guide: Step 1 - Take piece [...]

Ten popular types of flooring

In the past, flooring choices were extremely limited; the types of styles, finishes and installation options were few and far between - leaving very little option for design innovation in the home. However, with the leaps and bounds made in technology there are now a huge range of floors available. These floors not only incorporate [...]

Vax to launch new laminate floor cleaner

Floor care company Vax is set to launch a new streak-free laminate flooring cleaner, according to an article published by Floor Data. Specifically designed for those homeowners that want to pay that little bit more to keep their floor looking immaculate, the product features NANO technology - which keeps out water, protects flooring joints and [...

Quick-Step opens doors to its new academy

Laminate and hardwood flooring manufacturer, Quick-Step has officially opened the doors to its new Manchester-based flooring academy, according to an article published by Floor Data. Providing a range of short courses, the Quick-Step Academy For Excellence in Flooring aims to aid the development of professionals within the flooring industry. The...

Plastic sheets used to protect London landmark's floors

With historic landmark St Martin-in-the-Fields church undergoing internal construction work, the owners of the London building have taken steps to ensure that the floor is protected, according to an article published by Floor Data. Located at Trafalgar Square, St Martin-in-the-Fields church hosts in excess of 20 services each week, as well as ha...

Cleaning a Pergo floor

Renowned for being one of the best types of laminate flooring on the market, Pergo flooring is incredibly easy to maintain. In order to make the cleaning process even easier, Pergo also produces a number of special products - specifically designed for use on laminate flooring. For example a Pergo mop can be used for basic [...]

Flooring contracts up for grabs with new school repair programme

Flooring contractors are set to be given a boost following the launch of a new programme that will see dilapidated schools repaired and refurbished, according to an article published by Floor Data. It is thought that with the launch of the Government's Priority School Building Programme (PSBP) - which has been given funding worth £2 [...]

Removing oil stains from a limestone floor

Light in tone, limestone flooring is usually a shade of tan or light grey. It is also extremely porous, meaning that it will absorb liquids very easily. This factor can be detrimental to the floor's appearance. For example, oil spills will soak into the surface, leading to an unsightly discolouration. When a spill occurs you [...]

Interest in carpet recycling growing amongst retailers

Flooring retailers are becoming more interested in carpet recycling one of the UK's leading recycling services has revealed, according to an article published by Co-ordinator of Carpet Recycling UK (CRUK), Jane Gardner, made the claim after she spoke at the 2012 Buying Groups' National Flooring Show earlier this month (May). She stat...

Repairing small nicks in a laminate floor

Much loved for its durability, easy maintenance and often wonderful appearance, its fair to say that laminate flooring is an extremely popular choice amongst many homeowners. Whilst durable to a certain extent, laminate is susceptible to small nicks - caused by heavy-furniture, pointed heels and other sharp points. These nicks won't always be ea...

Cleaning an old oak floor in ten simple steps

Providing the home with a unique luxuriousness and a huge amount of character, it is easy to see why oak flooring is so desirable amongst many homeowners. Despite possessing all that beauty, old oak floors don't maintain themselves and require a certain amount of care if they are to continue looking fantastic. So with this [...]

Protecting a laminate floor - sweeping

A flooring option that has been popular for decades in Europe, laminate is fantastic. Its ability to mimic every last nuance of the more expensive hard woods make it worth every penny. Despite being relatively durable, laminate flooring will need to be looked after if it is to last for a significant period of time. [...]

Removing yellow stains from kitchen vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring is extremely popular in kitchens; however, in a room used on a frequent basis, the floor's appearance can become tainted over time by an unsightly build-up of yellow stains. Whilst very unattractive, these stains can be removed very easily; just follow these five simple steps: Step 1 - Take a mixing bowl; to [...]

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