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    Since inventing laminate flooring in 1977 Pergo have made several innovations in design and quality. The current generation of Pergo products offer a variety of designs and finishes to suit all tastes and budgets.

Why Pergo?

Wear Protection

The patented Wear Protection System, which is the best on the market, consists of two armed overlays which provide the floors with incredible wear resistance. It actually meets the standard for heavy commercial use. This makes Pergo floors in the world. And that's why you get the best guarantee on the market when you buy a Pergo floor.

Scratch Resistance

The Scratch resistance Surface, SRS (G2), gives the best scratch on the market. This unique and patented Pergo feature protects the floor from scratches and maintains the lustre of the floor, three times longer than any other laminated floor.

Impact Resistance

The unique Multi Layer Build-up System in combination with the dense core material gives the highest impact resistance, meeting even the toughest requirements. This protects your floor from dropped objects and high-heeled shoes.

Water Resistance

Our Triple Moisture Resistance System is a combination of one of the most moisture resistant core materials on the market and the strong and tight click joint that has been impregnated to further protect against moisture. This makes Pergo floors very water resistant. In fact, our water resistance is one of the very best on the market. So you don't have to worry about occasional accidents like over-watered plants or a spilled drink.

Sound Reduction

The SoundBloc™ Technology is a sound-reducing underlay attached to the back of the plank. When bound to the plank, it reduces sound by 50% compared to conventional, loose underlay.

Easy Maintenance

The hard and durable surface of a Pergo floor is tough on dirt and offers you low maintenance and effortless cleaning. And the tight construction of the click joint keeps dirt from finding its way into the joints.

Easy Installation

The attached underlay and the glueless, double locking click joints, makes for a faster and more flexible installation since no glue or extra underlay is needed. Just fold it down or tap it in horizontally and you'll be done in no time.


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